Got the second dose of Pfizer vaccine

by | Jul 27, 2021 | Breaking News, Editor | 0 comments

I finished house arrest today, got the second dose of Pfizer vaccine
by Vittorio Coco
35 days have passed since the first dose and today I received the second injection of the Pfizer vaccine. While the first dose caused no side effects, the second was less forgiving.
Pain in the left arm, with swelling and a few lines of fever. The nurse had warned me of possible side effects in the next 48 hours, but according to the information, everything is within the norm.
We hope well.
A little pain, swelling in the arm and a few lines of fever are nothing compared to those who contracted the virus and many of my age have lost their lives.
To all the deniers, the skeptics, the people who are afraid of the adverse reactions of AstraZeneca and Jonson and Jonson, I say, get vaccinated. The benefits far outweigh the risks.
Getting vaccinated means being free to move (with due caution) and not being carriers of the Coronavirus.
For over a year we have been forced to stay at home, not being able to travel, not being able to shake hands with a friend, to hug distant loved ones, to go to dinner with friends.
Now we all have to do our part: let’s get vaccinated.
The owners of restaurants, bars, gyms, the companies that are the driving force of the country ask us for it