Patricia Davis
Registered Clinical Counsellor

Stress is part of life, but struggling with relationships, anxiety, and depression doesn’t need to be.

Helping people change their
stories and their futures.


Depression, Anxiety and Struggling Relationships are the results of the stories people tell themselves.


Live life free of Anxiety and Depression

Experience Happiness and Peace

Transform your relationship, or heal from it.


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Helping Couples find healing in creating a new version of their relationship.
Helping individuals eliminate depression and anxiety while learning how to maintain peace and happiness.
Guiding people into meditative and hypnotic states to support therapy, growth, healing, and peace.

My stress level had been becoming increasingly less tolerable and I had become intolerant of my children and the stress and worry of work was taking up much of my mental energy.

I was a wreck. Everything was annoying and I was really overwhelmed about most things. My wife, kids, co-workers and friends had all become an annoyance or disturbance. 

I didn’t know that I was depressed until I experienced relief after a few sessions with Brandi. I was sad most of the time and didn’t know how bad it was.