Oggi 8 Marzo Festa internazionale della Donna!

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Today 8 March
International Women’s Day!

My warmest wishes go to all women, especially those who have left their homeland in search of a better world! Many of them did not know the language or the culture of the host country, but with courage, will and perseverance they made it !, I like to report part of the introduction of my book: “Alla Corte di Marilyn “Life and history of Lena Pepitone – dressmaker and confidant of Marilyn Monroe. Editions of the Girasole – Ravenna
“In the course of my profession I have met thousands of people from all walks of life with stories worth telling, but Lena has colorful, interesting stories, not only for being linked to the famous actress, but for her own life full of curious facts. , of pursued ambitions, of vanished dreams; an existence lived in the enchanting scenery of Naples, first, and then in the frenetic, fascinating New York. A life prototype of that of so many women, who, in any part of the world, despite being fundamental pieces of the social mosaic are

have been, and are, expropriated from the right to decide on their own happiness’. In the strenuous struggle for the achievement of equal opportunities, for the release from the atavistic male-dominated authority, it does not seem out of place to retrace the existence of Lena, and through her, to highlight simple, shy women, almost invisible to the eyes. of the world; giants for the great sense of responsibility and the tenacious, silent work they put into society every day. ”
Long live the women! source of life! A hug of closeness to all the grandmothers who in these tragic moments cannot hug and kiss their grandchildren! But that day, it will come back
soon! Good Mimosa and Happy Spring! Long live the WOMEN!