Dear friends,

In a difficult and complicated moment, starting an online journalistic adventure might seem like an editorial suicide, but the commitment and determination of a group of journalists ready to give us a hand, or rather two, advised us to undertake this editorial path .
Traditional newspapers are almost there
Vittorio Coco
Site Manager
all in crisis.
Advertising resources have been drastically reduced and even the most prestigious publications to cover the huge expenses, in addition to asking for a traditional subscription, are reverting to the public, with paid online editions.
We are not a giant of the printed paper, and, much less do we have the claim to replace paper printing, but we have many collaborators on our side, ready to roll up their sleeves and produce a different product.
We do not have the big parties on our side, ready to support the newspapers close to them. We do not receive any financial support from the state.
The only support we receive is from the online news reader.
Ours is a free newspaper open to all. We are neither right nor left, we are an independent newspaper ready to advocate the cause of Italians outside Italy.
If it is true that there are almost 60 million natives in the world, it is also true that traditional newspapers have no interest in talking about their problems, their expectations, their aspirations.
We were born to give them a strong and free voice. We can compare our newspaper to a megaphone without filters and without restrictions. We have chosen the motto: “I disagree with what you say, but I will defend your right to say it to the death ” (Evelyn Beatrice Hall, essayist known under the pseudonym of Stephen G. Tallentyre).
All our readers, through the pages of the newspaper, will be able to express their thoughts freely and without censorship.
With the hope of having you as readers, but above all as friends free from any ideaological constraint, we wish you good navigation and if you can, spread the voice of the new baby among your friends: www.ilcittadinoitaliano.com
Vittorio Coco

Ilcittadinoitaliano is an online newspaper that was born from an idea of ​​the journalist and TV presenter Vittorio Coco. It is a site that is particularly dedicated to Italians living outside Italy.
After months of reflections and contacts with some journalist friends, the project of this online newspaper has officially seen the light.
We are committed to dealing with the in-depth topics of Italian politics, and current affairs, we will deal with entertainment and television.
We will dedicate a space to the economy and sport, but the main purpose of the magazine will be the 60 million Italians and natives in the world.
Italian politics will be at the center of our attention, because it is precisely from those who sit in parliament in Rome that the answers to the needs of Italians in the world must arrive.
Our purpose and that of the site is to be able to maintain an open channel with Italy and the rest of the world.
Our newspaper is available to all our parliamentarians elected abroad. Our platform will also be a place for debate and the opinions of our parliamentarians elected on the various electoral lists.
Our motto is: “I do not share your opinion but I will fight to the death to defend it”
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The Editorial Committee