Sovereignty over the Malvinas Islands

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The Ibero-American countries renew their support for Argentina regarding the dispute over the claim of sovereignty over the Malvinas Islands. During the proceedings of the 27th Ibero-American Summit, member countries called for the resumption of negotiations between Buenos Aires and London to reach “a rapid solution”, in terms of the resolutions adopted so far within the United Nations and other international organizations.
malvinas support Ibero-American countries
The same countries in the Ibero-American area also support Argentina’s opposition to the United Kingdom’s unilateral exploration and exploitation of natural resources. And his condemnation of the increase of the British military presence in the disputed area.

According to the Ibero-American countries, in fact, the British military presence is “incompatible with policies that tend to build a peaceful solution to the dispute between Argentina and the United Kingdom” over the sovereignty of the Malvinas, South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands.
In this sense, the UN resolutions are recalled which stimulate the secretary general to carry out actions to reactivate bilateral talks for a peaceful solution in the shortest possible time. And, moreover, a definitive solution “to this particular colonial situation as defined by the United Nations itself”