Italian Volunteer was shot dead in Mexico

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An Italian volunteer was shot dead in Mexico in the street. This is Michele Colosio, 42 years old from Borgosatollo (Brescia). As the Giornale di Brescia writes, the man, a former radiology technician at the Civil Hospitals, had been shuttling between Italy and Mexico for ten years to follow cooperation projects. He was killed in San Cristóbal de Las Casas, Chiapas. In Brescia still lives the mother who is in contact with the authorities for the return of the body.
“The Embassy of Italy in Mexico City, in close liaison with the Farnesina, follows the case of compatriot Michele Colosio, who died in San Cristobal de Las Casas, Mexico. The Embassy is in contact both with the Mexican police authorities to follow the development of the story, and with the victim’s family members, to whom it is providing maximum assistance”. This is a note from the Farnesina.
The murderer of Michele Colosio would have reached him on a motorcycle and then escaped after exploding in the direction of the Italian some gunshots. This is what emerges from the investigations. The man, 42, had taken over a small farm where he raised animals and where he developed projects for the education of children in the poorest rural areas. However, he has always maintained his residence in Borgosatollo, a town in Brescia where he was born and raised.