The literary challenge of two Italians abroad

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SANTO DOMINGO – An “Indiana Jones” style novel, with hidden traces that could lead the most attentive readers to find the solution of the enigma told in the book and to win an award: the original idea is of two Italians abroad, authors of “Rex, the Aten medallion”, a thrilling thriller set among the natural and architectural scenarios of Calabria, mainly in the small town of Trebisacce, without neglecting the most famous places between Boston, Berlin and the Caribbean.
And right in the Caribbean – to be precise, in the Dominican Republic – live Enzo Odoguardi, architect, president of the Italian Movement Abroad (MIRE) and former Honorary Consul of the Italian Embassy in Santo Domingo, and the journalist and writer Ennio Marchetti, editor of the online newspaper Fatti Our ( dedicated to Italians in the world, as well as composer and songwriter (“Latino” is his latest album on Spotify with other previous records).
In these days, for the titles of Falco Editore of Cosenza, they have therefore published their first novel written by four hands (for Marchetti it is the sixth novel): “Rex, the Aten medallion” is a book of 376 pages that narrates the story of an ancient medallion given by a couple of Russian peasants to an Italian officer during the devastating retreat of our troops from the tragic campaign in Russia, during the Second World War. The medallion remained for many years kept in an attic, among the memories of the officer’s family, until it was “discovered” by his granddaughter, a passionate archeology scholar. The object hides a mystery that attracts the attention of the secret services of half the world and which, if revealed, would completely distort what has been told to us over the centuries by the history books.
“The key – explain the authors – has been handed down for centuries through few and difficult information, hidden in the ravines of an ancestral system and by elite groups that control our planet. If it were in the public domain, the world as we know it today would no longer exist. To get there, Professor William Hutton, one of the protagonists of Rex, must go beyond the concepts and limits of the teachings handed down for centuries, in a real treasure hunt against time ”.

“The story of REX – explains Enzo Odoguardi who is originally from Trebisacce, in the province of Cosenza (Calabria) – is based on real events, places and characters, related to the search for the mythical tomb of the king of Visigoths, Alaric, sought by many people , including Hitler himself. According to the poet August Von Platen and the historian Giordane, the treasure is probably hidden in the tomb of Alaric, near Trebisacce, the town where Giuseppe Romanelli was born, the officer of the Italian army who returned home from the retreat from Russia “.

“The first Christian theologian, Eusebius of Caesarea, demonstrated that the Exodus of Moses took place immediately after the death of Pharaoh Akhenaten, the same one who prohibited polytheism in Egypt with the worship of only one God: the Sun, a practice inherited from a much older civilization, present in the lands of Egypt in more remote times ”.

“King Solomon – continues Odoguardi – has always protected the legacy of Moses, including the Ark of the Covenant in the temple he built. In 70 BC the Romans conquered Jerusalem, bringing both the Ark and the Menorah, the sacred lampstand to the Jews, to Rome. Alaric, after the conquest of Rome, in 410 AD, comes out of the burning city with the looted treasures, including the Ark of the Covenant and the candlestick. The King of the Visigoths died during his trip to southern Italy. His generals buried him, with part of the treasures stolen from Rome, exactly near Trebisacce ”.

“The book – adds Marchetti who was born in Gattinara, in the province of Vercelli (Piedmont) – is combined with a great competition. In his pages, the attentive reader will be able to discover traces that, together, will define the geographical position of the origin of the coordinates shown in the novel’s medallion. By combining the logic, sending the coordinates and the relative location, you can win a first prize of € 10,000, then a week-long trip to an island in the Caribbean and a supply of prestigious wines from the land of Calabria “.

(Canadian Courier)